Energy Efficiency Criteria and Labeling Method for Energy Label Qualified Dehumidifiers
(Revision promulgated and in effect May 24, 2017)

1.The scope of application, energy consumption test method and energy efficiency criteria for the dehumidifiers (“products”) applying for Energy Label certification shall meet the following requirements:

(1)Scope of application
The product shall meet the definition of CNS 12492 regarding dehumidifiers, or recognized by the Bureau of Energy of MOEA as dehumidifiers.

(2)Energy consumption test conditions and method
The test conditions and test method for the product’s energy factor (E.F.) value shall meet the requirements of CNS 12492.

(3) Energy Efficiency Criteria
The product’s measured energy factor shall not be less than the following value:
Dehumidifying capacity (Liter/day)E.F. (L/kWh)
Less than or equal to 61.83
Larger than 6, less than or equal to 122.10
Larger than 122.24

2. Notes on product labeling:  
(1) The name and address of the label user shall be clearly displayed on the product or product packaging.
(2) If the label user is an agent, the name and address of the product manufacturer shall also be clearly displayed on the product or product packaging.  
(3) The Energy Factor (E.F.) value shall be stated in the product catalog. 
(4) The measured E.F. value shall be rounded to two decimal places.

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