What is Energy Label

Government-backed voluntary endorsement label

To promote deployment of energy efficiency technologies as well as to encourage manufacturers to invest in research and development of energy-efficient products, the Energy Administration Ministry of Economic Affairs(EA) initiated the voluntary “Energy Label” program. Products which meet the energy efficiency criteria are allowed to be affixed with energy labels.

A recognizable label for energy efficient products

The basis for determining the energy efficiency criteria for qualified products under the “Energy Label” program is to evaluate the energy performance of products on the market and select the middle to top performers on the efficiency distribution curve. The efficiency criteria are then periodically reviewed and revised to reflect technology and product advancement. The above measures ensure the creditability of energy labels in denoting high energy efficient products.

Promoting new green consumerism

In this new millennium, new consumption concept takes energy efficiency of products into purchase consideration in addition to brand, quality, and price. Products affixed with energy labels stand for high energy efficient products which consume less energy and hence save operating costs. For durable, frequently used, high energy consuming products, the savings in energy costs over the product lifetime can be especially significant. Therefore, it would be wise to compare not just the price of the products but also the energy efficiency while shopping!

Enhancing product competitiveness through market incentives

After Taiwan’s accession to the WTO, the domestic market is open to global competition. Consumers will benefit from getting more choices, while the price advantages long enjoyed by the domestic manufacturers are likely to disappear. In order to compete in this open market, the priorities of domestic manufacturers include enhancing their core technologies and improving product quality. High energy efficiency can be considered as one of product quality indices. And high energy efficiency products often contain more advanced technologies. It is hoped that Energy Label Program will be able to direct consumers’ purchase considerations toward more emphasis on product energy efficiency and encourage manufacturers to put more efforts on improving their products’ efficiency and competitiveness.

Information and Inquiries

“The Energy Label Application Manual” and “Energy Efficiency Criteria for Energy Labeled Products” are available from this website.

Inquires may also be directed to Tel: 0800-668-268 or Fax: 03-582-0375

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