Gvernment Procurement

In order to be in line with global environmental trend for sustainable resource utilization, as well as to promote green production and consumption in Taiwan, after many years of communication and coordination efforts, the Ministry of Environment (MOENV) made the green procurement requirements successfully become the Article 96 of the Government Procurement Act of 1998. Article 96 stipulates that a 10% price preference may be adopted for procurement of environmentally preferable products. Based on Articles 2, 3, 4, and 6 of the "Measures for Priority Procurement of Environmentally Preferable Products by the ROC Government Agencies", three types of products qualify as environmentally preferable products. Energy Label qualified products are classified as Type III products (products which increase social benefit or reduce social costs, such products have to be certified by one responsible government agency as meeting the above requirements, and awarded certification document.)

The Government has already promulgated green products categories, price preference ratio, preferential procurement means, and relevant incentive measures, in order to promote green procurement. It is hoped that through the leading role the government plays in realizing green procurement in its numerous procurement activities, a green consumption trend can be established throughout the private and public sectors, which in turn leads to significant environmental benefits.