Energy Efficiency Criteria and Labeling Method for Energy Label Qualified Online Nninterruptable Power Supply

Revised and announced on October 29th 2015, effective January 1st 2016

1. Those who file for online uninterruptable power supply (VFI UPS hereafter) energy saving logo certification shall subject to the following applicable scope, energy efficiency test conditions and methods and standard:
1.1 Applicable scope: VFI UPS compliant with Chinese National Standard (CNS hereafter) 14757-2, CNS 14843-1 or CNS 14843-2 with rated output power at 30kW or less, or any VFI UPS recognized by competent authorities.
1.2 Energy efficiency test conditions and methods: Run tests according to appendix of this document and submit test reports
1.3 Energy efficiency standard: Readings of full load efficiency η100% (%) and 1/4 load efficiency η25% (%) shall be greater than standards set in appendix of this document.
2. The VFI UPS test reports shall contain readings of full load efficiency η100% (%), 3/4 load efficiency η75% (%), 1/2 load efficiency η50% (%), 1/4 load efficiency η25% (%) and nil load input power Pin0% (W).
3. Labeling of energy efficiency of energy saving logo shall subject to the following rules:
3.1 Name and address of energy saving logo user shall be clearly marked on product or its package.
3.2 In case users said in clause 3.1 is an agent then name and address of the manufacturer shall be marked as well.
3.3 Product catalog shall be marked with full load efficiency η100% (%) and 1/4 load efficiency η25% (%).
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