Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater:

Energy Efficiency Criteria and Labeling Method for Label Qualified Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters

No. En-Tech 10105007591
Promulgated and in effect on December 13, 2012

I. Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters (“products”) applying for Energy Label Certification shall meet the following requirements on scope, energy efficiency test conditions and methods, and energy efficiency criteria:
1. Scope: Products shall meet the requirements of CNS 15466, or be recognized by Bureau of Energy, MOEA.
2. Energy Efficiency Test Conditions and Methods
(1) Energy efficiency: In accordance with CNS 15466, the product’s energy efficiency is represented by its rated coefficient of performance (COP).
(2) Energy efficiency criteria: the energy efficiency of each type of product defined by CNS 15466 shall not be less than the baseline value specified below:

Type of HeatingBaseline Value
Direct Heating4.00
Circulating Heating4.00
Static Heating3.50

(3) Safety Requirements:
i. Products shall be equipped with CNS 5422 qualified earth leakage circuit breakers, and pass safety tests.
ii. Products shall meet safety requirements of CNS 15466.
(4) Principle for recognition as the same energy-efficient product series: According to CNS 15466, the main model and its variants, that are the same in electric power supply (including phase, voltage, and frequency), coolant type, compressor type, type of heating, configuration (integrated or split), and have less than 5% difference in rated power and energy efficiency ratio of the coolant compressor, shall be considered as the same energy-efficient product series.

II. Notes on product labeling
1. The name and address of the label user shall be clearly displayed on the product or product packaging.
2. If the label user is an agent, the name and address of the product manufacturer shall also be displayed on the product or product packaging.
3. Products shall be labeled in comply with the requirements of CNS 15466. The values of rated power consumption (kW), rated heating capacity (kW), and rated coefficient of performance (COP) shall be rounded to two decimal places.

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