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Amendment Regulations of Energy Efficiency Standard and Indication Method for the Copier Machine Energy Conservation Marker
Amended on Jun/15/2015; Effective as of Oct/01/2015

I. In applying for the verification of Copier Machine energy conservation marker, its scope, test conditions and method as well as energy efficiency standard shall meet the following regulations:
(I) Scope:
1. The Copier Machine that is granted the verification registration conformity certificate or the type recognition certificate issued by Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs and meets the regulations of C.C.C. Code: 8443.31.00.00-2-B, 8443.32.00.00-1-B, or recognized by competent authority.
2. The Printer that meets the definition specified in ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Imaging Equipment, Version 2.0 (hereunder briefed as ENERGY STAR REV. 2.0).
3. The fax machine possessing single-page copying function shall not be applicable for the scope provided herein.
(II) Test Conditions and Method:
1. The product shall meet the requirements specified in ENERGY STAR REV. 2.0.
2. Where the power rating indicated in the product nameplate is less than or equal to 1500W, its test voltage shall be 115V±1.0%; if such power rating is over 1500W, then the test voltage shall be 115V±4.0%.
3. If the product is designed with Automatic Duplexing Capability, then it shall meet the requirements of Automatic Duplexing Capability specified in ENERGY STAR REV. 2.0.
4. The specifications of the paper used for the test shall be A4 size in nominal weight at 80g/m2.
(III) Based on the printing function, the Energy Efficiency Standard shall meet the following requirements:
1. The TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) shall not be higher than the Energy Efficiency Standard specified in Attachment 1.
2. If the Copier Machine belongs to Type 2 Digital Front-end (DFE) model as defined in ENERGY STAR REV. 2.0, then the TEC of DEF (TECDFE) shall meet the requirements of ENERGY STAR REV. 2.0; further, its TEC- (TECDFE/0.8) shall not higher than the Energy Efficiency Standard specified in the attached Table 1.
3. The TEC and the TECDFE specified herein shall refer to actual test value and expressed in degree/frequency. Such value will be calculated to the first place following the decimal point, with the second one rounded off.
II. The Energy Efficiency Standard of energy conservation marker shall be indicated according to the following requirements:
(I) The name and address of the marker user shall be clearly noted on the product or the package.
(II) If the marker user belongs to an agent, then the name and address of its manufacturer shall also be noted on the product or the package together.
(III) The product catalogue shall indicate TEC (degree/frequency) of the product.

Table 1
Product Printing FunctionProduct Speed Indication S(ipm)Energy Efficiency Standard
Mono-color Copier MachineS≦50.21
Full-color Copier MachineS≦100.715
Mono-color Multi-function
Composite Machine
Full-color Multi-function
Composite Machine

Remark: If the product can be used for printing out A3 paper, then the Energy Efficiency Standard of this table shall be added with 0.3 (degree/frequency).

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