Microwave Ovens:

Energy Efficiency Criteria and Labeling Method for Label Qualified Microwave Oven
No. En-Tech 10105012081
Promulgated and in effect January 4, 2013

I. Microwave ovens applying for Energy Label Certification shall meet the following requirements on scope, energy efficiency test conditions and methods, and energy efficiency criteria:

1. Scope: Household and combination microwave ovens which meet the requirements of CNS 3765-25 - Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - Part 2: Particular requirements for microwave ovens, and obtain the Certificate for Registration of Product Certification or the Type Approval Certificate from the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).
2. Energy Efficiency Test Conditions and Methods
(1) Test conditions and methods of energy efficiency test, multiple cup test, standby-mode and off-mode power consumption tests of household or combination microwave ovens shall comply with the requirements of IEC 60705: 2010 Edition 4.0 and IEC 62301:2011 Edition 2.0. Meanwhile, the quality of glass beakers used for tests shall be “Hard/1st Grade ” as defined by CNS 7300 - Glass Beakers for Chemical Analysis.
(2) Grill-mode energy consumption test of combination microwave oven shall meet following requirements:

i. Test environment: the wind speed during the test shall be less than 0.5m/s, ambient temperature shall be at 20±2℃, and relative humidity shall be between 45% and 75%.
ii. Test power variation: voltage and frequency variations shall be within ±1% and ±0.2% respectively. And harmonic distortion shall be less than 5%.
iii. Specifications of test equipments shall meet the following requirements:

iv. Before each test, combination microwave ovens shall be settled for at least six hours in the environment where the temperature is at 20±2℃, and the relative humidity is between 45% and 75%, in order to keep the temperature of the test sample at 20±2℃.
v. The installation of embedded or over-the-range combination microwave ovens shall follow the instructions of manuals provided by their manufacturers; other types of microwave ovens shall be placed to keep their backs as closed as possible to the test wall.
vi. The test shall be operated at the maximum power output of grill-mode. Meanwhile, all the accessories in the oven cavity shall be removed in order to run the oven empty.
vii. To perform the test, the thermocouple shall be installed at the geometric center of the oven cavity and run the oven for 5 minutes. Initial temperature T1 (℃) and final temperature T2 (℃) of the oven cavity and electric energy consumption ( of the oven shall be measured. Grill-mode energy consumption Wc of the oven shall be calculated according to the following formula:

3. Energy Efficiency Criteria for Label Qualified Microwave Ovens: Products applying for Energy Label shall meet the following criteria for energy efficiency,

4. In addition to above mentioned criteria, the grill-mode energy consumption of combination microwave ovens shall not exceed 1.20 (℃).
5. Applicants applying for microwave oven energy label shall complete “Microwave Oven Test Sample Description Form” as Attachment 1.

II. Notes on product labeling
1. The name and address of the label user shall be clearly displayed on the product or product packaging.
2. If the label user is an agent, the name and address of the product manufacturer shall also be displayed on the product or product packaging.
3. For qualified microwave ovens, energy Efficiency (%), uniformity of heating (%), standby-mode power consumption (W), off-mode power consumption (W) shall be displayed on product catalogs; for qualified combination microwave ovens, energy consumption (℃) of grill function shall also be displayed.
4. The measured values of energy efficiency (%) and heating uniformity of products shall be rounded to the nearest integers. The values of standby-mode power consumption (W), off-mode power consumption (W) and grill-mode energy consumption (℃) shall be rounded to two decimal places.

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