Range Hoods:

Energy Efficiency Criteria and Labeling Method for Label Qualified Range Hoods
No. En-Tech 10105012081

Promulgated and in effect on January 4, 2013

I. Range Hoods (“products”) applying for Energy Label Certification shall meet the following requirements on scope, energy efficiency test conditions and methods, and energy efficiency criteria:

1. Scope: Products shall meet the requirements of CNS 3765-31 - Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - Part 2: Particular requirements of range hoods. Meanwhile, products shall meet the definition of C.C.C. Code 8414.60.00.00-1, or recognized by the Bureau of Energy, MOEA as range hood.

2. Energy Efficiency Test Conditions and Methods

(1) The test conditions and methods shall meet the requirements of ISO 5801 or AMCA 210.

(2) Test voltage and frequency: During the test, the rated voltage shall be within 110 V±2% or 220 V±1%, and the rated frequency shall be within 60Hz±1%.

(3) Installation and test conditions: The outlet of range hood shall be connected to a straight air duct, which is 2.5 times of the range hood outlet diameter in length. The straight air duct shall be further connected air-tightly and perpendicularly to the standard inlet duct of AMCA wind tunnel facility. The range hood shall be operated at maximum speed, given rated voltage and frequency.

(4) Measured Parameters:

i. Parameters of the test sample, including air flow rate (m3/min; CMM), power consumption (W), power factor, ambient dry and wet bulb temperature (℃), and atmospheric pressure (kPa), shall be measured under 2.5 mmAq (0.1 inWg) reference static pressure.

ii. The measured value of air flow rate shall be converted to nominal air flow rate at standard conditions defined as 20°C and 1 atm pressure according to ISO 5801 or AMCA 210.

(5) The efficiency of range hood is calculated according to the formula shown below:

Energy Efficiency = Nominal Air Flow Rate (CMM)/ Power Consumption (W)

3. Energy Efficiency Criterion for Range Hoods:

The energy efficiency of range hoods shall be no less than 0.0793 (CMM/W).

II. Notes on product labeling

1. The name and address of the label user shall be clearly displayed on the product or product packaging.

2. If the label user is an agent, the name and address of the product manufacturer shall also be displayed on the product or product packaging.

3. The product catalog shall display nominal voltage (V), power factor, nominal frequency (Hz), power consumption (W), nominal air flow rate (CMM), and energy efficiency value (CMM/W) of the range hood.

4. The measured values of nominal air flow rate and power comsumption of the product shall be rounded to two decimal places. The measured energy efficiency value shall be rounded to four decimal place.

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