Compact Fluorescent Lamps:

Energy Efficiency Criteria and Labeling Method for Label Qualified Compact Fluorescent Lamps
(Promulgated November,30 2009, in effect July, 1,2010)

1. The scope of application, energy consumption test method and energy efficiency criteria for the compact fluorescent lamps (“products”) applying for Energy Label certification shall meet the following requirements:
(1) Scope
The applicable product shall meet the definition of compact fluorescent lamps as defined in CNS 14576.
(2) Energy consumption test conditions and method
The product’s energy efficiency test conditions and test method shall follow the requirements on testing as stipulated in CNS 14576.
(3) Energy Efficiency Criteria
(i) The product’s labeled and measured energy efficiency values shall be greater than the following baseline values:

(a) Based on the lamp color temperature classification as stated in CNS 10839, the color temperature of the product can be divided into Daylight (D: 5700~7100K) and Lamp (L: 2600~3150K).
(b) The requirement on luminous efficacy for product of other color temperatures (such as natural white (N: 4600~5400K), cool white (CW: 4600~5400K), white (W: 3900~4500K), warm white (WW:3200~3700K)) shall follow the requirement for product of lamp (L) color temperature.
(c) Luminous efficacy is the ratio of luminous flux and lamp power, and shall be determined in accordance with the testing method as stipulated in CNS 14576.
(d) If a product’s rated lamp power is not listed in the above table, the next larger luminous efficacy value in the same product type shall be adopted as energy efficiency criterion.
(e) During testing of luminous efficacy, if none of the reference ballasts listed in Table 3 of CNS 14576 may be used, other suitable ballasts may also be used for testing.

(ii) The product shall have an average Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80 or greater.
(iii) After one thousand (1,000) hours of usage, the light-beam maintenance ratio of
the product shall be no less than 90% of its initial light-beam.

2. Notes on product labeling:  
(1) The name and address of the label user shall be clearly displayed on the product or product packaging.
(2) If the label user is an agent, the name and address of the product manufacturer shall also be clearly displayed on the product or product packaging.
(3) The luminous efficacy (lm/W) of the product shall be displayed on the product catalog.
(4) The measured values of luminous efficacy, color rendering index and light-beam maintenance ratio shall be rounded to one decimal place.

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